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Ban Appeal Format

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Mar 22, 2019
[ID] Mulai sekarang buat kalian yang terkena ban (selain Compromised IP), silahkan appeal lewat website yang baru yaitu https://luckynet.work/appeal Nanti kalian akan menerima respon BAM melalui email. Jadi sering sering di cek ya. (Emailnya tolong dipastikan benar ya, jangan sampai salah) Kalau kalian sudah masukin ban id, tapi datanya beda sama yang ditunjukin, JANGAN KLIK CONTINUE.

[EN] From now on, for those who got banned (except Compromised IP), please create an appeal on the new website https://luckynet.work/appeal You will get a response from BAM through email. So check it oftenly. (Please make sure that you state the correct email) If you already state a ban id, but the data is different from the website, DO NOT CLICK CONTINUE.(edited)

- Your ban appeal will be queued after you submit your appeal. Please allow us up to 7x24 hours to review your ban appeal.
- BAN EVADING is highly prohibited and won't be considered if you appealed for your account that you used for evading.
Asking or bothering staff to check your appeal will now result in an instant denial.
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