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Hello lucky peoples! How are you today? We hope you are okay, remember to stay save and always wash your hand regularly. We are proud to announce our new UPDATE on Survival. Here are the details from LDD (Lucky Developer Departments):

Apr, 19th 2020
- Added Basic RPG Items

- Added 13 Wand Items
- Added 14 Sword Items
- Added 14 Bow Items
- Added 9 Consumable Items
- Added Currency and Crafting Material
- Added Class for RPG and Quest
- Added Fighter Hero Class ( Burst Close Combat DPS, Moderate Defense )
- Added Marksman Hero Class ( DPS, Range, Low Health Regen)
- Added Mage Hero Class ( Burst Magic DPS, Mana Regen, Mana Pool )
- Added Warrior Hero Class ( Burst Combat DPS, Movement Speed, Moderate Health Regen )
- Added Paladin Hero Class ( Moderate Damage, High Health and Stamina Regen )
- Added Shopkeeper Plugin
- Fixed XP bar bug

- Caused due to RPG Plugins that over-rides vanilla EXP caused the XP bar to froze
- Fixed WordGames+ Permission
- Player can now participate in WordGames+
- Minor Spawn fixes
- Addng Details on Trading Centre
- Crates on spawn is now Working again.

Apr, 20th 2020.
- Buffing Wands (RPG Items)

- Adding more Damage to the spells and basic attacks
- Nerfing cooldowns for some items.
- Added Shards Shop
- Shards can now obtained on Trading Post.

Here are some features that may be added to game in the future update:

- Custom Mobs
- Implementing Better RPG Currency
- Fixing some permissions for RPG itself.
- Quests
- Dungeon
- GUI Fixes

Remember to report any bugs you found. You can report it here

Join now and feel the experience! PLAY.forums.luckynetwork.id / PLAY.LUCKYNETWORK.NET


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Not open for further replies.

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